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Information Technology

How to Register a Device on Netreg

Find Your MAC Address

A MAC address is a unique identifier that belongs to a single device consisting of hexadecimal characters usually arranged in a pattern of 1A:23:4B:56:7C:89 or 1A-23-4B-56-7C-89.

How Do I Get it?

Depending on your device, some MAC addresses are printed right on the bottom, usually close to the serial number or barcode. If not, you can find it in the settings. Try the tips below for various devices.

Gaming Consoles

Playstation 3 & 4: Settings > System Settings > System Information

Xbox 360: System > Network Settings > Configure Network > Additional Settings > Advanced Settings

Xbox One: Settings > Network > Advanced Settings > Wireless MAC address

Wii U & Switch: System Settings > Internet > MAC Address

Blu-Ray Players or Smart TV's

There may be variances by the brand manufacturer but should be similar to the example below.

Home Menu > Setup > Network > Status

Amazon Echo

  • Download the Amazon Alexa app and sign in with your account
  • The Echo will broadcast its own network that you will need to connect to
  • The MAC address can be found at the bottom of the echo setup screen

Streaming Devices

Roku: Settings > About

Chromecast: Reset the device by pressing and holding the side button > connect your phone, tablet or laptop to the ChromecastXXXX wireless network > on the configuration screen look for the MAC address field

Fire Stick: Settings > System > About > Network

Apple TV: Menu > Settings > Wireless ID

Registering on Netreg

After you've found your MAC address, you will need to go to netreg.hanover.edu. On the left-hand side, you will see an option for manual registration. Click here and then follow the instructions on the site.