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Information Technology

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Basic Guides

Presenting Online - Checklist



Bookings Intro Guide

Embed Bookings Link in Signature with Outlook

Embed Bookings Link in Signature with Online Outlook


Microsoft PowerPoint

Using the Recording Tab in PowerPoint

Linking Recorded PowerPoint Slides to a Moodle Course Page with Microsoft Stream


Microsoft OneDrive

Sharing a Video in OneDrive (Faculty)

Accessing a Video in OneDrive (Students)


Microsoft Teams

Joining a Teams Meeting (Students)

Setting Up and Using Microsoft Teams for Videoconferencing (Faculty)

Creating One-on-One Meetings and Small Group meetings in Teams


Zoom Meetings

Using Zoom Meetings Software


Moodle Resources

Finding your course in Moodle

Setting Up Activity Completion for Your Course

Adding a File to Your Moodle Course Page


How to Submit an Assignment in Moodle (students)

Adding Feedback to Assignments in Moodle with the Annotate PDF Feature

Drawing with Poodl's Whiteboard Feature in the Assignment Activity


Turnitin Training Videos


Using Forum (Faculty)

Using Forum (Students)


Video Presentation with Poodl (Students)

Creating and Grading Video Presentations in Poodl (Faculty)


Creating Quizzes and Tests with Moodle Quiz (Faculty)

Importing Quiz Questions from Word into Moodle

Creating Quiz Categories to Group Questions in Moodle's Question Bank

Extending Quiz Time for a Student in Moodle

LockDown Browser

Installing and Using Lockdown Browser

Setting up Lockdown Browser Quiz

Big Blue Button

Using Big Blue Button

Sharing cart

Using the Sharing Cart to Move Items Between Classes


Getting Information about Student's use of Moodle with Reports (Faculty)


Designing Courses to Accommodate Students with Disabilities

Creating Accessible Courses in Moodle

Adding Extra Time for Students in Moodle Quizzes


MULTIFACTOR authentication (MFA)

Initial MFA Setup


Library Resources

Remote Access to Library Resources


creating screenshots

Creating Screenshots with the Windows Snipping Tool


Creating Foreign Language Diacritics with Keyboards

Configuring Keyboard Language Diacritics


Additional Resources (Not Supported by Hanover IT)

Free Resources Due to Covid-19